Simphiwe Tanga, from soccer to competitive cycling

“I will try until I can’t get it wrong.”

Simphiwe Tanga, or more commonly known as “Sims”, believes that his BOLDness comes from the fact that he never looks at his current ability to do something, but rather at his willingness to always try.

The 33-year-old freelance Quantity Surveyor and Business Owner started cycling in 2021. After Cape Town Cycle Tour in 2022, he decided to take up cycling competitively, setting big goals for himself.

Having come from a highly competitive soccer background, he’s drive, passion and commitment to hard work has set the tone for his working environment.

“I have learnt that when you work for something, anything is possible. Given that you’re willing to do all that is required and expected of you to make it in any filed, success in inevitable!”

Not afraid to fail, Sims finds his ability to be BRAVE from refusing to recognize failure. “As long as I am willing to try again, then I have not failed.”

When he started his studies, he found himself having anxiety attacks. He took the time to understand what was happening and battled depression by reprogramming his mind through recognizing triggers, meditating, and increasing his activity levels. He started each morning with a 30-45km run and realized that it helped reduce his anxiety levels tremendously.

He also classes himself as ADVENTUROUS because he always wants to discover his own limits and hopes to experience international racing someday.