Bruce was 6 years old when he faced not being able to walk again. He was diagnosed with a rare virus that rendered him completely paralysed, and unable to breathe for himself.

The 30-something Aquabike World Champion and owner/coach of Aspire LiveFit Coaching Academy, hasn’t stopped challenging himself since he relearnt to walk again.

Months after being released from hospital as a young boy, watching his friends play outside really got to him. He slowly learnt to walk and swim again and soon was unstoppable, tackling any adventure or activity that he could.

At the age of 29, Bruce was diagnosed with a second extremely rare disease known as Pompe disease. It causes severe muscle damage, and he now struggles with weakened muscles which includes the vital heart and respiratory muscles.

Fighting the odds that he was given by his doctors, he continues to participate in sports like surfing, running with his dogs, mountain biking, triathlon, paddling and Xterra.

He combats the long hours in the saddle by using chamois cream and avoids wetsuit chafe by using the anti-chafe balm because he believes that “Nobody should ever have to ride/run in pain with chafing in uncomfortable areas.”

Bruce has used his passion for sports to help others who also share a rare condition and is an advocate for rare diseases in South Africa.

Being active has not only helped him keep moving forward and cope with the stress that the world throws at him but also influence others to LiveFit and lead active healthy lifestyles for the well-being of themselves and their families.