ASS MAGIC Rebrands and Expands its Legendary Product Line for the Global Sports Market

Today, ASS MAGIC, South Africa’s premier anti-chafe chamois cream producer, announces a rebrand and exciting expansion of its product line, embracing the company’s evolution and its commitment to meeting the needs of the global sports community.

Born from the needs of Chris Wolhuter, former professional cyclist, ASS MAGIC began as a mission to provide affordable chamois cream to enhance comfort while riding. The brand has since grown to become a trusted secret weapon for athletes across a multitude of disciplines including runners and triathletes. It is now ready to unveil a new chapter on its magical journey.

“As we have broadened our horizons into new markets, we felt that there was a need to rebrand and refresh our product offering which has largely remained consistent since 2014.” said founder Chris Wolhuter. “The Cape Epic was the ideal testing ground for our products, it was also where the brand originally developed a following. Now, we are expanding our MAGIC to serve a wider range of athletes.”

In addition to the acclaimed ASS MAGIC Chamois Cream, available in both tub and travel packs, the brand proudly introduces the ASS MAGIC Anti Chafe Balm and the ASS MAGIC Skin Repair Cream. These new products leverage the same meticulous approach to ingredient selection and quality control that has made ASS MAGIC beloved by South African athletes and those across the globe.

Expanding from cycling into running, triathlon and beyond, the company upholds its core principles: athlete comfort, product innovation, safety and magic. With the athlete at the heart of every decision, ASS MAGIC provides a secret barrier, an essential element to every quest – ensuring that every adventure is comfortable, chafe-free and magical.

“But we aren’t stopping here,” assured Wolhuter. “Our team is actively developing several innovative products that will soon join our line up, including a kit wash. We remain committed to our mission, ensuring that every sporting activity, indoors or out, is done in comfort.”

Paul Elliot of Bob Elliot & Co added: “This is an exciting development for ASS MAGIC and for us as a distributor of the brand. Whilst only stocking ASS MAGIC in the UK for a relatively short space of time, working with Chris and the team falls in line with our vision and new products arriving to compliment the chamois cream will be a very welcome addition”

The enthusiasm is shared by Mark Cuperus of Fearless B.V in the Netherlands: “After starting with ASS MAGIC from Eurobike in 2022, the product has been well received and our sell through orders have been good. This has even resulted in us temporarily selling out this Spring!”

ASS MAGIC products are produced in an ISO 22716:2007 registered facility, adhering to the highest international standards and best manufacturing practices. With their headquarters a short pedal from the famed Tokai trails in Cape Town, the company is ready to spread its wings further, ensuring athletes worldwide can experience the transformative power of ASS MAGIC.

As ASS MAGIC charts its new path, the rebrand and a new product line, this reinforces the company’s commitment to being an essential part of every athlete’s journey. In 2023 and beyond, every adventure can be magic with ASS MAGIC.

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