Running with Confidence: The Magic of ASS MAGIC Anti-Chafe Balm

Running is a journey that tests endurance, pushes limits, and sometimes, quite literally, rubs you the wrong way. Whether you're hitting the pavement for a morning jog or tackling rugged trails, one nemesis that most runners eventually encounter is chafing. Enter ASS MAGIC Anti Chafe Balm – the magical potion designed to banish chafing and bring out the superhero in every runner.

Initially created to make cycling more comfortable, ASS MAGIC Chamois Cream quickly found its place in the running world for those who were looking for a solution to chafing challenges. Whilst the Chamois Cream has anti chafing properties, the anti chafe balm was formulated with running specific challenges in mind. 

Chris recalls a particularly memorable run that solidified his commitment to expanding ASS MAGIC’s reach into the running community. "During a rainy long run a few months ago, I skipped my usual application of anti-chafe balm. About 15 kilometers into my 25-kilometer route, I started feeling the dreaded chafe between my thighs. It was only going to get worse. Too proud and too stubborn to call for a pickup, I pushed through. Anyone who has experienced this knows that the post-run shower burns more than the chafing itself."

Adding value in our community is important to us, which is why we’ve been involved with the following events over the last few months. From seeding product to runners, to being present at the event exhibitions and engaging with athletes.

The VWS Trail Run Challenge took place on Table Mountain in support of wildfire prevention, while the Kromrivier Beast tested participants in Cederberg Park. The Table Mountain Beast offered runners breathtaking views with various distance routes to choose from. The Mountain Ultra Trail by UTMB in George attracted global runners with distances from 11km to a daunting 163km and the iconic Comrades Marathon drew thousands for the “up” run. Additionally, the Two Oceans Ultra Marathon in Cape Town, known as the world's most beautiful marathon, offered a scenic yet strenuous 56km route that required runners to navigate diverse terrains and elevations.


Each of these events highlighted the essential role of effective anti-chafe solutions in running. ASS MAGIC was proud to support runners, enabling them to achieve their best performances while staying comfortable and chafe-free. Join us as we continue to spread the magic and make every run a smooth and enjoyable journey!