ASS MAGIC Flex Fit Foam Trucker Cap - Black/White

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ASS MAGIC Flex Fit Foam Trucker Caps: A Timeless Classic with a Modern Twist

Introducing the ASS MAGIC Flex Fit Foam Trucker Caps - an ageless design with a contemporary flair. Inspired by the 70's iconic foam front panel, we've infused this cap with a futuristic element - a sleek curved visor.

Modern Features for a Comfortable Fit

Our cap features a snap back closure, enabling you to adjust the cap for a personalized fit. Now, you can sport the ASS MAGIC brand in a cap that not only exudes style but also promises unmatched comfort.

The Perfect Blend of Style and Function

This cap is more than just an accessory. It's a statement. Wear the ASS MAGIC cap and show off your affinity for our brand while enjoying the practical benefits of a well-fitted, comfortable headgear.

Product Details

  • Design: Foam front panel with curved visor
  • Fit: Adjustable snap back closure for personalized fit
  • Brand: ASS MAGIC logo

Grab your ASS MAGIC Flex Fit Foam Trucker Cap today and step into the future with a classic style revisited. Add a touch of magic to your fashion statement!

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It's not often you find a product that simply hits the spot... ASS MAGIC has kept me sitting comfortably during 7 of my 11 Cape Epics including all the preparatory training and racing kilometers for each edition. It's one of the first things that goes in my travel bag ... riding wouldn't be the same without the relief it provides.

Oliver Munnik
former professional cyclist and 11 x Cape Epic finisher

I had the chance to try this product during a couple of long running distance races and it is amazingly good!Is refreshing but not aggressive and so easy to carry in the travel package that is simple to use it also during the race!Best cream and package till now!

Micol Schiaroli
Italian Ultra Trail runner and Mountain biker

The risk of developing saddle sores is increased when you spend many hours on the saddle, especially when in the same position on the indoor trainer. A good quality chamois cream such as ASS MAGIC will help reduce the risk of developing saddle sores and keep you comfortable for a longer duration on the bike.

Dr Mike Posthumous
Performance Director Specialized Factory Racing, 6 x Cape Epic Finisher, Multiple 100 Miler Race Winner

ASS MAGIC has saved my ass countless of times. It's the only chamois cream I've ever actually used as it's the only one that really works.

Carla Oberholzer
2021 African Continental Champion, 2018 South African National Champion, Multiple 94.7 Cycle Challenge Winner

ASS MAGIC is my go to especially when racing multiple days of enduro or when training on my bike. It means I have one less thing to worry about and I can focus on my racing and training.

7 time SA MX Champion, On the road to Dakar 2022
Brad Cox

Chamois cream is not something I normally use, but when I do, ASS MAGIC in definitely my go to! Typically I would use chamois cream for training camps and stage races to ensure comfort on the bike.

Nadine Reider
2020 German National MTB Marathon Champion, Ghost Factory Racing Team

When my rides get longer, self-care becomes increasingly important, especially down there. ASS MAGIC keeps my skin protected and intact, making sure that I am comfortable in the saddle no matter how long the ride takes. I would never go far without it.

Kevin Benkenstein
2 x Munga MTB Champion. 2 x Freedom Circuit Champion. 2nd Rhino Run 2022

ASS MAGIC is my go to sports skin care product. The chamois cream makes my rides so much more comfortable and the sports balm is great to prevent chafe from my sports bra on my longer runs.

Jessica Hopkins
70.3 Ironman World Championships 2018

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