Ghosted by DC Rainmaker

Think unboxing, reviews and everything sport tech talk and a name comes to mind - DC Rainmaker. Having grown up in Seattle, Washington, he started his competitive sporting career in ski racing and later moved onto triathlon and running.

While this blog is about the DCR Open House that took place this December, the real story is about how ASS MAGIC Chamois Cream landed up a much-loved product by MRS DCR - Bobbie Maker.

It started off with a product drop at their house in the Netherlands. Obviously, we were hoping for the infamous Ray to lay his hands on our magical potion, but little did we know that it wasn’t him who needed it more.

Bobbie stumbled on our neatly wrapped basket of joy and with some interest decided to give the chamois cream a go. Having competitively participated in triathlon over 10-12 years ago, Bobbie was back at it in 2023 and had been struggling with “down there” discomfort and attempted to solve the problem by spending tons of cash on various saddles to no avail.

Eureka! She found the solution to her painstaking problem with our Chamois Cream!

Shortly after her discovery, we were invited to their annual winter DCR Open House, which was “the most packed it’s ever been,” stated Ray in his post event blog.

At the Open House, those who attended were able to share in beer, tech and sports talk about wearables, triathlon, indoor cycling, and plenty more by Matt Legrand. Excited to be part of such a cool event, we naturally happily shared product for others to try.

We commend Bobbie for courageously sharing about her experiences (in front of a crowd) because it still tends to be a problem that many keep between to themselves.