“If the Boks get into the semi-finals, I’ll ride a stage of the Wines2Whales in my bikini.”

Obviously, this bravery was sparked by a couple of toots, but let’s be honest, who hasn’t made big, bold decisions in this sort of situation?

The difference between following through is knowing someone who can make the opportunity possible and having a great cause to justify the insanity.

It was on day 2 of W2W Chardonnay where Nikki Biesheuvel and riding partner, Marinda Bruwer, created a stir. They’d ridden to the first waterpoint, stripped down into their South African flag bikini’s and battled the wet and muddy conditions.

“It was pissing down and freezing but we rode like that to the finish.” explains Nikki.

When making her big statement during the nerve-wrecking rugby game, Nikki, who rides for RA Cycles, didn’t know how big a talking point her action would create.

In May of this year, Aunty Pat, a close family friend was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and this Wine2Whales would be a tribute to raising awareness to what’s known as the “silent killer.”

Aunty Pat passed away last Friday. On the first day of the very event Nikki and riding partner, Marinda Bruwer, were riding in support of.

 With the backing of Checkers Sixty60, RA Cycles and a crazy idea, they were able to be part of a conversation that will hopefully carry into more circles.