Robben Island to Big Bay, the Freedom Swim

Retirement isn't just about lounging in your favorite rocking chair and sipping beer while gazing at the horizon. Just ask Wolhuter Snr, AKA Mike Wolhuter, the proud father of the "ASS MAGICian" himself, Chris Wolhuter. For him, retirement is all about taking on exciting new projects.

At the age of 64, he decided to tackle the iconic Robben Island crossing—a remarkable feat that was on his retirement to-do list, right alongside completing events like the Ironman and Cape Epic alongside Chris in 2022.

For this seasoned adventurer, the goal of his first Robben Island crossing was clear: finish strong.

Despite the challenging winter weather, conditions on the day were near perfect. Mike and his team seized the opportunity to embark on this extraordinary journey from Robin Island to Big Bay, the Freedom Swim.

Equipped with a generous application of ASS MAGIC Anti Chafe Balm to ward off any potential wetsuit discomfort, he dove into the 7.4km swim with determination and a pat on the back from his supporters.

With water temperatures hovering around a brisk 14-15 degrees Celsius and the sun shining down, Big Bay seemed within reach.

After 2 hours and 57 minutes of relentless swimming, he triumphantly arrived at the Big Bay Surf Lifesaving Club, elated by his achievement and ready to savor the moment.

Robben Island Crossing was just one of the many adventures waiting for Mike in his retirement, proving that retirement is not just a time to relax but also an opportunity to embark on exciting new challenges. Cheers to the indomitable spirit of adventure at any age!