Using Chamois Cream for Track Cycling

Passionate Track Cycling with ASS MAGIC: A Personal Experience

Written by Chrispin Fourie

Track Cycling

The Thrill and Challenges of Track Cycling

For some, track cycling is an exciting, fast-paced, and tactically intense sport. For others, it might seem like hamsters running tirelessly on a wheel. But for me, it's a passion that allows me to broaden my repertoire as a cyclist.

With track cycling, you're often racing in a tight bunch or peloton. You also have the opportunity to race at least three times at each track meeting, which gives you several opportunities to learn about bunch positioning, sprinting, and identifying the best break to go with. It helps enhance your leg speed, the ability to think while racing at high intensity, and your bike handling skills.

Track Cycling Race

Gearing Choices and the Challenge of Chafing

One unique challenge in track cycling is choosing your gear before the race. Once you've made your choice, there's no changing it. You're racing on a single-speed fixed gear bike without brakes! If your gear is too small and the race's speed too high, you might 'spin out' at a cadence of 130-150 rpm. Conversely, if your gear is too big, it can be challenging to turn, and you won't be able to accelerate quickly enough to keep up with the race's speed surges.

Another issue I've faced as a track cyclist is chafing. Racing multiple events at high cadences, getting on and off the bike between events, and riding a fixed gear bike with no chance to freewheel all contribute to a perfect chafing environment.

ASS MAGIC to the Rescue!

But, thanks to ASS MAGIC, chafing is no longer a problem for me. The protective barrier that the cream forms ensures I don't have issues in-between competitions or training. Now, chafing or saddle sores don't restrict my ability to train or race.