**ASS MAGIC Announces Partnership with Belgian Ardenne Mountainbike Marathon Series for 2024 Season**

[South Africa, 27 March 2024] – ASS MAGIC, the renowned South African skincare brand, is delighted to announce its collaboration with the Belgian Ardenne Mountainbike Marathon Series (BAMS) for the 2024 season. ASS MAGIC will serve as a proud product and prize sponsor for the 7-race series, commencing this weekend at La Hallonienne, featuring a challenging 80km route encompassing 2200m of vertical ascent.

The BAMS stands as a pinnacle in the national mountain bike marathon series, not only in Belgium but throughout the entire Benelux region, attracting racers from the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, and Germany. This illustrious 7-race series spans from April to September, culminating with the Raid Bocq. More details about the series can be found on the official website:

“We are happy to count on ASS MAGIC as a partner to the Series. BAMS’ participants spend hours in the saddle in preparation for BAMS races and it’s a real pleasure to introduce them to ASS MAGIC products,” shares BAMS Director Arnaud Thomas. 

Chris Wolhuter, representing ASS MAGIC, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership: “We’re really excited to partner with BAMS for 2024. We’ve been in close communication with Arnaud and Jerome for several weeks now, and we aim to enhance the experience for their riders while expanding the ASS MAGIC brand to more European cyclists. Traditionally, marathon mountain bikers in South Africa have been loyal patrons of our chamois cream, and we are confident in delivering the same level of satisfaction to our European customers.”

### About ASS MAGIC:
ASS MAGIC is a leading South African skincare brand specializing in products tailored for cyclists. With a focus on innovation and quality, ASS MAGIC delivers premium solutions to enhance comfort and performance for riders worldwide.

### About Belgian Ardenne Mountainbike Marathon Series (BAMS):
The Belgian Ardenne Mountainbike Marathon Series (BAMS) is a premier mountain bike marathon series renowned for its challenging routes and international participation. Spanning across the scenic landscapes of Belgium and beyond, BAMS attracts top-tier cyclists seeking thrilling competition and adventure.