How to survive the inevitable chafe during the ABSA Cape Epic

“The hardest moment of Epic was seeing my partner suffering from dehydration, with the thought of us then having to potentially abandon the race that we had worked so hard towards,” shares Iliska Verwey, first timer to the ABSA Cape Epic.

Her and her partner, Tanja Schutte, had made all the necessary sacrifices like keeping to their intense training during the holidays when everyone else was winding down, and forgoing the drinking festivities alongside the overindulging fun.

But lining up at the start line, filled with excitement, would only be topped by the final day, crossing the finish line, emotional and proud of their accomplishment.

The lesson that Iliska took from experiencing the harsh conditions of the ultimate mountain bike race was, “it’s a team effort! And we have the utmost respect for anyone that commits and finishes this event as it takes some serious dedication, tenacity, and grit!”

As far as their secret to surviving the inevitable chafe?

“We limited chafing by first applying ASS MAGIC Anti Chafe Balm then ASS MAGIC Chamois Cream before each ride. At night we applied ASS MAGIC Skin Repair Cream. This combination and ritual allowed us to be ready for each day’s battle.”

When asked if they’d do Epic again, the answer was a definite yes.